7/16/2021: Cadbury has been sold to Becky Harris. Can’t wait to keep in touch and see how he grows !! 

7/14/2021: Updated with 5 month old pictures of Reece and Cadbury. By no fault of their own they are still available. They have now had all of their puppy shots as well as their rabies shot. We are asking $500 for either of them for pet only homes. 

3/17/2021: Updated with 5 week old pictures, weights, and video. Dove and Bunny have been spoken for. Only Cadbury and Reece are still available. 

3/15/2021:  Peep has been spoken for. 

3/1/2021: Updated page with 3 week pictures, weights, and pet pricing. 

Shania (Dam)

Fievel (Sire)

Shania blessed us with 6 beautiful babies on February 5, 2021!!

These little ones will be ready to go on Good Friday April 2, 2021!!

These puppies are so gorgeous and playful!

These pups will probably be large toys to small minis around 13-15 inches tall 20-40 lbs.

We have decided to name them after our favorite Easter Sweets!!

Deposits are half of the puppies asking price and they are non-refundable. Deposits and final payments are acceptable in the form of cash or Venmo/Paypal only. 

The prices below are for pet only homes, please contact me if you would like to inquire about breeding rights. Puppies sold as pets will not receive their ASDR & NSDR registration applications until proof of spay or neuter has been sent to breeder. 

All of these puppies will have been vet checked, given 3 sets of wormer (4, 6 and 8 weeks of age), and their first puppy vaccine before they leave.  These guys had their dewclaws and tails removed within 48 hours of birth prevent any complications or additional stress.

When a puppy leaves our home they are sent off with our new puppy survival kits: a little bag of their current puppy food, a few puppy pads, some chew toys, and a tennis ball. The new owners will also receive a small booklet that includes a puppy info sheet which describes all the wormers, vaccines, and care they have had since birth as well as a timeline of the future shots and other health related activities that will need to happen within the first year.  The booklet also contains all of the health testing and descriptions for each of the parents and our general puppy contract which varies depending on if you are purchasing a puppy with or without breeding rights. A general copy can be provided to potential new owners if requested. Basically our contracts discloses breeding limitations if the puppy is sold as a pet only and that if for any reason things do not work out with the dog that they are to be brought back to us and not dumped at a shelter. 

We do not offer any health guarantees and this is why.... We know that our puppies are healthy and have been treated with the best care possible since they came into this world. Once they leave our place we have no idea what they are going to be exposed to: parvo, parasites, physical injuries, stress, ect.. Most of the "health guarantees" that people offer are not worth the paper they are written on or in the fine print they only apply to genetic abnormalities that the puppy is cleared through parentage for anyways. 

My ultimate goal is to find these puppies amazing loving homes, where they will become part of the family just as my dogs are. Sometimes for the right PET home I will reduce their prices.

Health Testing

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Normal (clear through parentage)
  • Hereditary Cataracts (HC): Normal (clear through parentage)
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy/ Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA/PRCD): Normal (clear through parentage)
  • Multidrug resistance 1 (MDR1): Normal (clear through parentage)
  • Please give me a shout if you have any questions, these results can be confusing if you are not familiar with the testing. I also have more information regarding these tests and the meaning of the results at the bottom of my Adult Mini Aussie page. 

If you have any questions that are not answered within my site, please don't hesitate to call or email me.  (Please no texts)  (817) 996-9343 

To open the gallery for each puppy click on one of the tiled pictures below their description. This will open up a gallery of all the pictures I have taken of that particular puppy on your phone or PC. If you are on a phone all you have to do is tap the picture to see the next one and the gallery will close automatically once you have seen them all. If you are on a PC then you can either navigate through the pictures with the arrow keys or your mouse by clicking on the "PREV" Or "NEXT" icons that will appear on the picture once you scroll over it. Then to close the gallery click the "CLOSE" icon at the bottom right corner of the picture.  If you have any problems viewing the pictures please give me a call. 

Three week old gallery

Reece aka Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

PET Price: $ 500

Weight at 3 weeks: 2 lb  2 oz

Weight at 5 weeks: 3 lb  8 oz

Estimated Final Size: 15-16"; 35-45 lbs

Red Tri Male with lots of copper and white.  His right eye will be partially blue on the bottom half.

Reece is  growing into a larger mini Aussie and will make someone or some family a great companion and protector. He is the first to alert us of visitors. He is doggy door potty trained and is working on his leash skills. 

Cadbury aka Cadbury Egg

PET Price: $ 500 SOLD to Becky Harris for her program!! 

Weight at 3 weeks: 1 lb  9 oz

Weight at 5 weeks: 2 lb  14 oz (smallest of the litter)

Estimated Final Size: 13-15"; 20-35 lbs

Blue Merle Male with lots of copper and white, with two blue eyes.  

Cadbury has turned into a gorgeous teenager but is still going to be a smaller mini aussie. He is doggy door potty trained and is working on his leash skills. He is going to be on the more timid side for an aussie and takes a minute to warm up to strangers. 

Peep (now Elsa)

Spoken for by the Calmes Family!!

PET Price: $ 1,000

Weight at 3 weeks: 1 lb  9 oz

Weight at 5 weeks: 3 lb  

Estimated Final Size: 13-15"; 20-40 lbs

Blue Merle Female with blue eyes. 

Peep is the sweetest and most playful of the bunch so far. She is very petite and will make a great pet for a family. 

Dove Spoken for by the Cuellar Family!!

PET Price: $ 800

Weight at 3 weeks: 2 lb  4 oz

Weight at 5 weeks: 3 lb  14 oz

Estimated Final Size: 14-16"; 25-45 lbs

Black Tri Female with brown eyes. Right eye is showing a very slim chance of being blue. 

Dove is the sweetest cuddliest girl and is a big teddy bear. 

Bunny aka Chocolate Bunny Spoken for by the Cuellar Family!!

PET Price: $ 800

Weight at 3 weeks: 2 lb  5 oz

Weight at 5 weeks: 4 lb  4 oz

Estimated Final Size: 14-16"; 25-45 lbs

Bunny appears to be a ghost Blue Merle that initially looks like a Black Tri Female with brown eyes. She has a few white/ merle spots on her back and flanks. 

Bunny is the spunkiest of the group and has been the first one to find her voice and wants to play so much. 

Robin's Egg

Robin is not for sale as she is staying with us and will be our son's first puppy of his very own. 

Weight at 3 weeks: 1 lb  13oz

Weight at 5 weeks: 3 lb  1 oz

If you have any questions that are not answered within my site, please don't hesitate to call or email me. (Please no texts) Tiana Jackson  (817) 996-9343