Basic Puppy Contract

This Adoption Agreement is between

Seller: Tiana Jackson & Karen Bond

(Sierra Elite Australian Shepherds)

PO Box 387

Lillian, TX 76061

 Phone: 817-996-9343

 Email to:



Name: ______________

Address: __________________________________________________________________



This Adoption Agreement is for the purchase of a Purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy/Dog as described below. The Mature size that a Puppy/Dog will grow to and their final eye color cannot be guaranteed, only estimated.

Puppy/Dog's name:  ____________     Birth Date: _____________        Sex: _______ Color: __________________________             

Left Eye: ________        Right Eye: ________


Sire's Name: _____________________ 

Registration Number: ________________

 Dams Name : _______________

Registration Number: ________________

Price of Puppy/Dog:____________                                        Deposit: ___________

Purchase Price includes breeding rights?       YES _____ NO ______

If the Buyer Purchases a Puppy/Dog Without breeding rights, then the application for registry will be given at the time the Puppy/Dog has been spayed or neutered and proof of the sterilization has been received by the seller.  Registration Applications will be marked as to breeding rights if having been purchased or not by the Buyer.  If the buyer decides after the sale of the puppy/dog they want to purchase breeding rights, and it is agreed upon by seller, the seller shall set a price for breeding rights as deemed fair by the seller and if acceptable with the Buyer, the registration application shall be marked as full registry with breeding rights and sent to the buyer.

The Seller agrees to provide up to date health records for any Puppy or Dog being sold to the Buyer at the time of the transfer of the Puppy/Dog to the Buyer.  The application for Registration to one of the following, (ASDR) American Stock Dog Registry or (NSDR) National Stock Dog Registry) will be given to the Buyer at the time of sale if they are purchasing the puppy/dog with breeding rights.

 All Puppies have had dew claws removed and tails docked.  They will be wormed every two weeks and will have their first set of shots. I understand that 50% of Aussies are affected by the MDR1 gene and that I should make my Vet aware of this so this puppy/dog does not receive MDR1 drugs which could cause permanent damage or death.

Your Sierra Elite Aussie is always welcome to come back to our home and is NEVER to end up in a pound or any other facility for unwanted dogs. If it is found that your puppy/dog has been left at one of these facilities instead of being returned to us there will be a $5,000.00 fine as well as all attorney fees required for legal action. We love our dogs and never want them to be in such a facility. 

If any puppy/dog sold without breeding rights is being used for breeding the owner will incur a fine of $5,000.00 and all attorney and legal fees associated with satisfying this part of the contract. 

Seller signature: ____________________Date: __________

Buyers Signature:_____________________Date:_________