Ranch Mom Must Haves

BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide, 6 in 1 Giant Waterslide Park for Kids Outdoor Fun with 480W Blower, 2 Slides, Splash Pool, Blow up Water Slides Inflatables for Kids and Adults Backyard Party Gifts

$360 from Amazon- click picture link below

We use this slide every weekend during the summer and the kids LOVE it. 



Blackstone 1962 Air Fryer Combo & Two Burners Stainless Steel Gas Hood, Wheels, Two Side Shelf – Heavy Duty Outdoor Griddle Station for Backyard, Patio, 28 inch Black

Price $599- from Amazon- click picture link below

This is our go to cooking element for breakfast, burgers, fajitas, stir fry, etc. Bonus is the air fryer on bottom to cook fries and chicken nuggets for the kids! 

Double Air Fryer

Our favorite in house air fryer that cooks 2 items at once with different temperature. 


Coming soon