Reba & Goose 2018

12/13/18: Pilgrim has been spoken for.  All of these puppies have found great forever homes. 
12/4/18: Nina has been spoken for. Pilgrim is the last puppy available. 
11/22/18: Chief has been spoken for. 
11/19/18: Santa Maria has been spoken for. 
11/16/18: New 6 week old video and pictures have been added. 
11/13/18: Pinta has been spoken for. Pet prices reduced for approved homes.
10/29/18: Website has been updated with 4 week old pictures, information, weights, and final pet pricing.  At this time I am accepting deposits to hold your little one until November 26.   

Reba (Dam)

Goose (Sire)

Reba blessed us with 5 beautiful puppies 

2 boys and 3 girls were born on October 1, 2018!!

These little ones will be ready to go November 26, 2018 !! 

Depending on the family situation we are willing to let the puppies go early in time to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with their new family. Or we can hold him/her until the next weekend if needed. 

1- Blue Merle Male

1- Black Tri Male 

1- Blue Merle Female

1- Black Tri Female 

1- Red Tri Female

As usual Reba and Goose did not disappointIf you are looking for a larger Miniature Aussie with impeccable breed conformation and a sweet lower drive disposition then these guys will be perfect!  All of the other puppies will be sold as pet only status, with the papers being held until proof of spay/ neuter is provided.  If you would like to inquire about purchasing breeding rights please send me an email. 

These pups will probably be medium to large minis around 16-18 inches tall 35-55 lbs.

We have decided to use Thanksgiving  inspired names!!  

Deposits are half of the puppies asking price and they are non-refundable. Deposits and final payments are acceptable in the form of cash or Paypal only. 

The prices below are for pet only homes, please contact me if you would like to inquire about breeding rights for Charlie only!

All of these puppies will have been vet checked, given 3 sets of wormer (4, 6 and 8 weeks of age), and their first puppy vaccine before they leave.  These guys had their dewclaws and tails removed within 48 hours of birth prevent any complications or additional stress.

When a puppy leaves our home they are sent off with our new puppy survival kits: a little bag of their current puppy food, a few puppy pads, some chew toys, and a tennis ball. The new owners will also receive a small booklet that includes a puppy info sheet which describes all the wormers, vaccines, and care they have had since birth as well as a timeline of the future shots and other health related activities that will need to happen within the first year.  The booklet also contains all of the health testing and descriptions for each of the parents and our general puppy contract which varies depending on if you are purchasing a puppy with or without breeding rights. A general copy can be provided to potential new owners if requested. Basically our contracts discloses breeding limitations if the puppy is sold as a pet only and that if for any reason things do not work out with the dog that they are to be brought back to us and not dumped at a shelter. 

We do not offer any health guarantees and this is why.... We know that our puppies are healthy and have been treated with the best care possible since they came into this world. Once they leave our place we have no idea what they are going to be exposed to: parvo, parasites, physical injuries, stress, ect.. Most of the "health guarantees" that people offer are not worth the paper they are written on or in the fine print they only apply to genetic abnormalities that the puppy is cleared through parentage for anyways. 

My ultimate goal is to find these puppies amazing loving homes, where they will become part of the family just as my dogs are!!

Health Testing

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Potential Carriers (Dam is a carrier, therefore theoretically 50% will be carriers and 50% will be normal/clear). Carrier dogs to not display or suffer from this condition. 
  • Hereditary Cataracts (HC): Normal (clear through parentage)
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy/ Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA/PRCD): Normal (clear through parentage)
  • Multidrug resistance 1 (MDR1): Normal (clear through parentage)
  • Please give me a shout if you have any questions, these results can be confusing if you are not familiar with the testing. I also have more information regarding these tests and the meaning of the results at the bottom of my Adult Mini Aussie page. 

If you have any questions that are not answered within my site, please don't hesitate to call or email me. (817) 996-9343 

To open the gallery for each puppy click on one of the tiled pictures below their description. This will open up a gallery of all the pictures I have taken of that particular puppy on your phone or PC. If you are on a phone all you have to do is tap the picture to see the next one and the gallery will close automatically once you have seen them all. If you are on a PC then you can either navigate through the pictures with the arrow keys or your mouse by clicking on the "PREV" Or "NEXT" icons that will appear on the picture once you scroll over it. Then to close the gallery click the "CLOSE" icon at the bottom right corner of the picture.  If you have any problems viewing the pictures please give me a call. 


PET Price: $ 600

SOLD to Donna & Harry Reichenau! 

Weight at 4 weeks: 3lb 8 oz

Weight at 6 weeks: 7lb 3 oz

Estimated Final Size: 16-18"; 35-55 lbs

Blue Merle Male with 2 brown eyes, small white blaze, lots of copper and four white socks.  

This guy is so so sweet and reminds me a lot of his daddy Goose. 


SOLD to Cash Wilson. 

Price: $ 400 pet only

Weight at 4 weeks: 3lb 11oz

Weight at 6 weeks: 7lb 6 oz

Estimated Final Size: 16-19"; 35-60 lbs

Black Tri Male with 2 brown eyes, thin white blaze, lots of copper and 4 small socks. 

Chief is our little adventurer and so rightly named. He is probably going to be a small standard with his current growth rate. Therefore as a pet only we have reduced his price! He is going to make someone an amazing pet, he will just be larger than his parents. 

In the 6 week old video above you can see just how playful and adventurous he is! 

Santa Maria    aka "Maria"

SOLD to  Sterling Clark!!! 

Price: $ 500 pet only

Weight at 4 weeks: 3lb 5 oz

Weight at 6 weeks: 6lb 3 oz

Estimated Final Size: 16-17"; 35-45 lbs

Red Tri Female with amber eyes, large white blaze, lots of copper and four white socks.  

Maria is extremely cuddly and very low key and relaxed., but she will play if you ask her to. She is a talker though, not necessarily barking just a lot of groaning and little squeals. She looks and acts just like her mother! (minus the blue eyes) 


Spoken for by Alex Skinner. 

Price: $ 900 pet only; $1,200 with breeding rights

Weight at 4 weeks: 3lb 1oz

Weight at 6 weeks: 5lb 6 oz (Smallest of the litter)

Estimated Final Size: Medium Miniature 16-17"; 30-45 lbs

Black Tri Female with 2 blue eyes, medium white blaze, lots of copper and four white socks.  

She is such a gorgeous girl and she knows it! Her confirmation is absolutely gorgeous. Just check out the video  below. If we had a non-related Merle Male we would be keeping this gorgeous girl! Being red factored she would be perfect addition to anyone's breeding program! 



Spoken for by Chelsea Maldonado! 

Price: $ 850 pet only

Weight at 4 weeks: 3lb 4oz

Weight at 6 weeks: 7lb 3 oz

Estimated Final Size: 16-17"; 35-45 lbs

Blue Merle Female with 2 blue eyes, large white blaze, lots of copper and four white socks.  

She is oh so beautiful and staying more petite like her sister Nina. Love love this female! 

If you have any questions that are not answered within my site, please don't hesitate to call or email me. Tiana Jackson  (817) 996-9343